Ratwood is a run ‘n gun shooter in the vein of old console classics like Gunstar Heroes, Earthworm Jim, Contra, and Metal Slug.

Take control of Rodent — a rat that’s been bestowed cosmic powers by a sentient plank of wood — as he battles the enigmatic Knights of the Round for the fate of the entire universe.

Blast your way through 9 levels of pure, unadulterated chaos fighting huge screen filling bosses using a ridiculous arsenal of weapons.


  • Console style action/platforming on Windows PC!
  • Combine power-ups and obliterate your enemies with over 15 weapons!
  • Huge multi-form screen-filling bosses!
  • Multiple gameplay styles, the game is constantly changing!
  • Massive hand-drawn, meticulously animated sprites!
  • Plank! (The real star here)